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JUNE 16-22, 2024 at Trine University in Angola, IN

Schedule will be posted closer to the start of HBS

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Start your Week of a Lifetime. Check in for HBS, get your room key, and join your city. You will be put in one of two made-up political parties and will attend your first County meeting.

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The second day starts the real work. You will discuss primary positions for your City and County and chose your Election Board. You also get assigned your Convention assignment. At the evening assembly, you will meet your primary candidates for Lt. Governor and Governor and hear campaign speeches. Athletics start today too - You're given an hour a day to do the activity of your choice! (Recreation time, basketball, baseball, weight lifting, talent show audition, etc.)

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Today starts the primary elections. Get ready to choose your party's candidate and in the evening, each party will host a political rally to introduce their candidates.

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Top candidates will take place in debates. Following the debates, all delegates will participate in general elections then attend the college fair to speak with representatives from a variety of colleges and universities. In the evening, the HBS Governor will be inaugurated.

Hoosier Boys State 2022-220616-0018.jpg


HBS State Government gets to work! All positions filled from the city level and up will begin working their jobs including hosting meetings, writing bills, and create a functioning government. Day 5 is also the day to show off what you can do! The HBS annual talent show will take place where you can play an instrument, sing a song, perform magic or perform a skit.

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The government keeps working. Elected officials keep their city, county, state functioning. In the afternoon, everyone’s knowledge will be tested on what they have learned about their position.

To close out the week, you will attend the Hoosier Boys State graduation ceremony which your friends and family can watch as we celebrate your success.

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This schedule is subject to change and will be updated

when possible.

Special Schools

Hoosier Boys State holds special schools sessions throughout the week with guest instructors that specialize in those fields. Delegates will have the opportunity to choose which school they want to attend that might be of interest to them, and attend that school for the rest of the week. The list of special schools vary each year and are included in the download below.

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